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San Francisco Native. Born and Raised – and still here!

I love to eat. I also love to write. (I loved writing essays in college – I know I’m a weird one.) So why not log my food adventures? I don’t write food reviews, I write about my food experiences.

(P.S. I am by no means an experienced food critic, or have extensive knowledge of the food industry, or claim to any expertise in the area. I just enjoy good food, good dining, and great company. I don’t know everything about the food culture of San Francisco – not yet at least. There are plenty of people who have eaten a lot more and know a lot more. I just eat whatever I feel like at that moment, whether it’s $5 Chinese food, $7 pho, or $10 ramen, Korean, or brunch)

From start to beginning – parking & transportation, wait time, service, food experience, ambiance. Eating is an experience – it’s a time to sit with great company, talk about anything and everything, and satisfy your hunger and enjoy food (granted that people aren’t just on their iPhones tapping away ignoring the great company right in front of their noses that is).

I hope to share my helpful tips and hints (things I wish I knew) to the best transportation, restaurant service, to providing an understand of places (maybe they’re short staffed, maybe there’s a language barrier), I share my experiences with you and hope you enjoy your dining experience as well.

It’s part of the reason why I don’t Yelp. Let’s be honest – some Yelp reviews are just upset in-the-moment rants. And any one whose hungry is obviously not happy. We’re hangry. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we all have.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve had my share of dining in San Francisco. Not to chuckle at those who love Brandy Ho, but I know that’s not REAL Chinese food. You haven’t had real dim sum until you’ve had Lai Hong Lounge in Chinatown.

I’ve been blogging on & off since middle school. In 2012, I decided to start blogging again on Blogspot. In 2013, I said the same thing. In 2014, I said my ass down, knocked some sense into myself, said the same thing but this time I meant it and switched to WordPress. This has been a few years in the making, but I’m here to stay. So I GUESS technically speaking, I’ve been foodblogging since 2012, but now I’m more active.

SO join me as share with all my food experience – everything from Super Duper, Blue Barn, to Hot Pot Lounge, Manna, and Art’s Cafe.

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I previously blogged at www[dot]serenashoes[dot]blogspot[dot]com – also a foodblog (in 2012 when I said I would). Please don’t look, it’s embarrassing! But if you do that’s okay. But this blog and content also belongs to me (or Google should I say). I may bring over some of my old but favorite posts from that blog since they are places I have been to several times.