Sotto Mare: North Beach Classic

Sorry hungry people! With my commute doubling and getting home late, I’m still getting adjusted with the new schedule..anyways..

Caught up with an old friend who kindly took me out for my birthday at Sotto Mare. Let’s just say I can’t wait to take my boyfriend here because it’s his two favorite food in a delicious combination: seafood and pasta.

This place makes me NEVER want to go to Olive Garden again. But then I again, I hardly ever actually want to go there…


[as usual, scroll to the end for the OVERALL!]

As my indecisive usually is, I didn’t decide what I wanted to eat until my friend asked our waitress what the chef’s linguine seafood special is. As she kept listing what seafood came with the pasta, I was more convinced that heaven was on it’s way. Mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, scallop – you name it, you’ll be eating it. And nicely top with a very light white sauce. (Check out the menu here.)

sotto mare seafood linguine

sotto mare seafood linguine

As you can clearly see, I got the “Linguine with Seafood ~ chef’s choice”. Best $19 I’ve ever spent. Your pasta really is loaded with seafood. It’s not like 2-3 pieces here or there, it’s more like you have 2-3 pieces of seafood in each and every bite!

The sauce was also amazing. I thought it was going to heavy and creamy but thankfully it was light and not overwhelming. The sauce is enough to compliment mean, not overtake the noodles and seafood. The sauce only gets overwhelming and a bite salty tasting when you get near the end and the sauce is just sitting in your bowl like a small lake.

Let’s take a minute for the clam chowder shall we?

sotto mare clam chowder

This is the bowl size (2 scoops). A cup is one scoop. The menu says “OUR BEST CHOWDER (YES, THERE’S BACON IN IT!)”. Yes there is definitely bacon it in. This clam chowder is like also light and tasty, not extremely creamy and chunky. I really like it and I would get it again. In terms of portion size, my friend shared the bowl size and it was enough to satisfy our clam chowder curiosity.


Wait time: We didn’t have to wait because there were two seats immediately available. Aside from experience, I would say you can be prepare to wait for a bit, even on weekdays. They have outdoor seating but you’ll want the inside – especially for winter. (Hint: Bring a jacket!)

Ambiance: Very relaxed. It can get a bit loud because they do have a tv broadcasting sports. About a third to half of the restaurant is bar seating and the rest is table with a few outdoor seatings. Be warned: this place is quite narrow.

Service: Service was nice. Your average nice decent service – the kind you’d expect.

Parking: Parking can be somewhat of a pain with Columbus right next store and all the one way streets – however it’s not impossible. There is street parking, no garage that is right nearby.

What to do around here: A lot. There’s Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39 next door. Gelato on almost every other block. Chinatown next door as well, Washington Square Park to relax and lots of bars.

Would I come back? Yes! Definitely worth your money and I’m definitely excited to bring my boyfriend here (who is a pasta + seafood lover = this place is jackpot). And I’m getting oysters next time.


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Sotto Mare
552 Green St
San Francisco, CA 94133

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