Osso Steakhouse

What happens when it’s your boyfriend’s birthday and he loves seafood more than steak, but you just love steak? Osso Steakhouse happens.

I have mix feelings about this place, but to sum it up: my boyfriend had an amazing time at dinner.

Ready to droll?

[Or scroll to the end for the “OVERALL” section with tips, service, parking, & etc!]

We got the lotsa crab (for two), the big bone-in (osso) filet mignon – for the each of us! – and the twice-baked potato with zucchini, chives, bacon & cheese

My boyfriend’s filet mignon was cook to the most beautiful pink medium rare perfection. Ever. Mine? I loved it but let’s just say my stomach was not feeling after. Despite my “medium rare” mishap, the steak itself was still herbed just nicely. And the “sauce” (or juice) that comes with it? Compliments it perfectly.

osso steakhouse filet mignon

Photo Cred: The Boyfriend.

This crab? Let’s just say it was very well enjoyed! It was just a bit to garlic-y for me but it was still amazing. It was real debate whether to eat my steak first or the crab first! Definitely well seasoned and easy to crack.

osso steakhouse crab

This is the mash potatoes. Um. Seriously THE best mash potatoes ever!!!! It was just SO fluffy and SOOO smooth. It almost melted in your mouth but was still fluffy enough. I don’t know how they did it, but they did. I accidentally ordered two. The name is twice baked potatoe but I said “two baked potatoe” and the guy brought us two. We thought the single order came with two. Oh well. It was a nice compliment to the steak when you needed a palette refresher, but I’d recommend getting one to share.

osso steakhouse potatoe osso steakhouse potatoe


Service: The service was odd. I was aware the night was extremely busy, and our server even told us it was busy night. But still, I had high expectations for this place and I found the service to be mediocre. Now, I do have a list of reasons (in my head) as to why we possibly might have received less service – but those reasons aren’t pretty & I don’t feel comfortable disclosing them. I did notice our server paid a lot more attention to others, again for other reasons I believe he might have done so. If we wanted something we had wave him down or ask someone else and he hardly checked in on us to see if we needed anything. I think he only did once – at the end of our meal. My boyfriend also noticed this poor service too (he’s also a server at another restaurant). The most I can say is – at least our server was really nice and not rude whatsoever.

Wait time: Again, was odd. I made reservations for 7:30 pm. We weren’t seated until 8:00 pm. I even arrived early around 7:10/7:15 pm to let them know of our arrival. That’s practically a typical 45-50 minutes wait, or an half hour wait from the time of our actual reservations. With reservations, I don’t expect to wait more than an extra 10, maybe 15 minutes of the actual reservation time. I felt there was no value to even make a reservation at that point!

Parking: I believe they have valet, but we didn’t do it. We circled a few times, got lucky, and finally found street parking. There’s a lot residential parking, but also a lot hills and one way streets so you are warned. Or you can always park in the garages – there are plenty around this area.

Ambiance: I enjoyed the setting and environment, a very old school and retro feel. This is one of those place where even though food is expensive, you don’t have to come completely dressed up. You can come here after work without changing. This is also a place where I can this is a person’s “typical” everyday dinner setting, where for me this is a place I come for special occasions. Sorry, (not sorry) but I can’t afford a $50 steak dinner once a month – that’s not my lifestyle. But because of the ambiance, it does make a great “let’s just spoil ourselves for dinner” place at a casual setting, and also an excellent place for anniversaries, birthdays, and any celebration (if you get better service than I did at least).

What to do after/before: To be honest, there’s not much here. Down the HUGE hill is Downtown but if you’re looking for something walkable, nothing here caught my eye. We went to Mitchell’s Ice Cream after.

Tips – what you need to know: Osso Steakhouse is in a hotel, tucked in behind a large valet lot and huge gates. You can’t see off the streets as you walk by. You literally have to be looking for it and you won’t see it until it’s front of your nose! So it’s easy to miss, make sure you know the address and keep your eyes open!

What happen to my steak? My “medium rare” was definitely more rare. I felt bad for sendingIMG_4294 it back, but my boyfriend insisted I do because he wasn’t comfortable with me eating something that red. I’m glad he made me though. I even asked the server if this was medium rare, he said it was and I said it was fine I’ll keep. But even my server insisted on taking it back even though I said it was a fine a few times and the next thing I know he was flying it back to my kitchen – leaving me to believe he knew it was too rare but they’re not allow to admit it and instead are instructed to take it back for a refire.

Would I Come Back? If the service was better, I’d say yes. But because of the service (and my steak) – or my high expectations of this place overall – I’d have to say that I would come back to give this place another chance. What made my night however was knowing my boyfriend enjoyed his meal and had a great birthday. That’s all I could really ask for, right?

The Birthday Pig

The Birthday Pig

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Osso Steakhouse
1177 California St
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 771-6776

website: http://ossosteakhouse.com/
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/osso-steakhouse-san-francisco
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