Woodhouse Fish Company

If you’ve seen my last post, New England Lobster Company, then you know I’m on a (lobster) roll. Get it, get it?

So here is Woodhouse Fish Co. – another San Francisco lobster place (and it’s actually IN San Francisco).

Ladies and germs, I present the lobster roll:

woodhouse fish co.

The first time I came to the Fillmore location, I split the lobster roll and the crab roll with me dad. The crab roll – “Toasted-Buttered Dungeness Roll” was okay. It was warm and moist, definitely not drying, but it wasn’t as flavorful as I thought it would be.

And course, they are well known for their lobster roll – which was absolutely delicious and the second time I went I got a whole roll to myself! It’s perfectly seasoned, and not too heavy on the mayo. The definitely don’t skimp out the lobster here. They don’t use too much bread and it’s not overwhelming, but it’s still quite a bit. They don’t do anything with the bread either, it’s a nice fluffy roll and stiff enough to hold the meat. Their fries is also spot on, crunchy on the outside, juicy and mushy on the inside.

The $18 lobster roll is half, which is 3 oz. The $26 lobster roll is 6 oz. Of course I got the 6 oz, duh! It’s in the picture above.

I sadly didn’t get any oysters, but if you do want them they have $1 oysters every Tuesday, all day. (Looks like I know where to go next Tuesday!)

Everything else:

I’ve only been to the Fillmore location.

Parking: a pain. Seriously a pain. With all the one-way streets and one car per lane street, you pretty much have to get lucky to get parking.

Bus: Depending on where you’re coming from, I personally would take the 1 California or 38 Geary and get off Fillmore. You can always Google the best way for you.

Wait: Also somewhat agonizing. Both times I’ve waited about 30-60 minutes. The waiting area only fits about 4-5, so be prepared to bring a jacket or a boyfriend to keep you warm while waiting outside. The first time I came here for dinner on a Wednesday night, that was an hour. The second time I came on a Sunday night around 6-7 and that was about half an hour. We came after the very failed attempt to go to the Ramen Festival in Japantown.

Coming back? YES. All this agonizing work to get here to eat here is worth it.

Ambiance: Very restaurant style, unlike Old Port & New England, this is a sit-down & order off the menu restaurant. I would say it’s almost an intimate setting (low lighting) – or that’s just my lack of memory.

Service: to me was average. Nothing too fancy or worthy to mention. It is good service, not bad at all.

TIP: I would get dropped off to get your name on the list while the other person circles around for parking. And bring a jacket.

What to eat after (dessert): There are a few froyo places around if you’ve got room for dessert! I believe it’s on the same block or a few blocks away, definitely walkable. There’s also Cako, a cupcake place in Japantown’s shopping mall. Or Sophie’s crepe, also in Japantown’s shopping mall. Of course, you can have all these before dinner. I’m not judging you at all.

What to do around there: If you’ve got time to kill or want to explore the area, Fillmore is a cute little street shopping area for about several blocks (until you reach the top of the slight Fillmore hill). There is also Japantown a few blocks down with a few shopping stores and some cute Japanese convenient stores in the shopping mall. Sundance movie theatre is around the area too – a different style cinema where you get to pick your seats (like a real show), eat, and enjoy some booze.

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Woodhouse Fish Company
1914 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA

They do have TWO locations, the other one is located at:
2282 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110

website: http://www.woodhousefish.com/
For Fillmore only:
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/woodhouse-fish-co-san-francisco
Woodhouse Fish Company on Urbanspoon



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