New England Lobster Company

Confession: I don’t know where to start because over the past week or so, I’ve had Korean, seafood, steak, ramen, and lots of other food.

But…..*drumroll* I’ll start with New England Lobster Company!

I spent a few days deciding where I wanted to go with my family for a birthday dinner. After years of steakhouses and “upscale” dining (upscale to my parents), I’ve grown wiser (and a year older) to my parents’s need. Before it was House of Prime Rib, Cliffhouse, and Harris Steakhouse. Now I’m more like – what would my parents eat? Where would they feel comfortable at? Is this too much for them to handle?

(as usual – cut to the bottom for parking, tips, service & etc!)

So I opted for New England Lobster Company – the perfect place for families to come together and enjoy a nice meal.

I decided on getting the lobster roll dressed with avocado & bacon bits. And so did my dad and sister.

new england lobster roll

My mom got the  1 & 1/4 Special: The Lobster Platter with slaw, chips, & butter.

I’ve been to Woodhouse & Old Port Lobster shack, and I believe this is the first I’ve had the bread toasted and oh so lightly buttered! I reallyyyyy enjoyed the bread! Almost as much as I enjoyed the lobster roll.

The lobster roll itself is the (almost) perfect mayo dressing to lobster ratio with the avocado. (Definitely a but more lobster than mayo dressing). To be honest though, I think I’ll skip the “dressed” next time and opt for the naked (without the avocado & bacon). The bacon itself just didn’t do anything for the lobster roll. It was just sort of there. And I think the chips is a hit or miss. With me, it was a miss. It tasted like a mix of apple chip and potato chip – it’s got some sort of crunch but it was also sort of chewy??

My mom’s meal on the other hand (luckily she shared 🙂 ) was pretty damn good. Very fresh and I’m getting BOTH the lobster and the lobster roll next time. Or so I say that now.

new england lobster

new england lobster menu

No oysters or raw seafood (since my parents don’t like it), but that’s on my list for next time. I really debated about making this post a comparison past to Woodhouse & Old Port, but I think I’ll do separate post on that.

Everything else:

Parking: piece of cake. I think. I’m pretty sure I saw a parking lot but we opted for front curb-side parking! AKA street parking.

Wait: We came on a Tuesday night around 8ish. There was no wait at all but tables were filled. We just shared a table with another couple. It’s picnic style tables.

Service: Was friendly. It’s a counter order, so you pretty decide what you want (like In-N-Out), order & pay, and you get a number & sit. They’ll bring you your food.

Coming back? Of COURSE!

Some extra things to know about New England:

– They do not have two locations. Their OLD location was in South San Francisco but they moved to near the airport.

– They also have a Happy Hour menu here:

new england lobster happy hour menu

– They are also a market, so you if you want you can grab fresh (frozen) to go and eat it at home.

– I believe they have a lobster farm, you can watch a little tv with their lobster home.

– Don’t know why, but their menu on their website is a little funky.

– Tell your boyfriend they have a TV there so he can watch sports (works on my boyfriend everytime).


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New England Lobster Market & Eatery
824 Cowan Road
Burlingame, CA

New England Lobster Market and Eatery on Urbanspoon



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