Serena 101.

So I was going to work on a few pieces today, but decided to start with a live post. I’ll be sharing a little more about my journey and the post will go live asap! Be prepared for a few a types.

So this is currently happening. I’ve taken a few bites from my apple caramel cake. It’s bomb.

I just want to thank everyone for the support. All the comments, positive feedback, and food recommendations! I can now understand YouTubers and bloggers when they say their support system really keeps them going. You guys really keep me going.

If you’ve read my “About Me” then you probably do know a little about me!

I was born and raised in San Francisco. I think what really got my munchies going was high school. I don’t want reveal too much details about my personal life, but I’ll pop in some references so if you’re familiar with San Francisco you’ll pretty much get it 🙂 My high school allowed us to go off campus for lunch. Down Balboa Ave for about 8 blocks with a parade of kids fighting to get lunch and back to classes in 40 minutes. I still remember getting bagels with amazing spread from Simple Pleasures. I crave them once in a while but never get to go back out there to get one. And if my friends and I were daring, we’d go to Little Henry’s for pasta.

Then came college, and of course I was eating every where. I was traveling, working, going to school. I ate the best gyro and fries I’ve ever had from Ayola in the Financial District. I was going up to Davis and having sushi buffet after sushi buffet. I went down to San Diego where I had the best carne asada friesever. Like, ever.

I moved to San Jose for school and from there, of course, ate some more. Boiling Crab anyone? Cha Cha Sushi, Grub Shack, and of course you can’t forget La Vic’s and their famous orange sauce.

Are you yelling at the top of your lungs right? Cause this is what I’m yelling: “SO MANY MISSED FOOD BLOGGING OPPORTUNITIES” that I did not share!

So sad. But better late than never right?

So I started in a foodblog on Blogspot in June 2012.(It still exist but mortifyingly embarrassing.)  I wrote about the North Beach Food Festival, Ike’s Sandwiches, and Bi-rite Creamery during the summer. Then you know, life got in the way. AKA SCHOOL. (Insert big “ugh” right here). Being a broke college student didn’t really stop me from eating. It was homework and projects that got in the way.

I graduated and traveled. I went to Finland, Russia, and Sweden. I moved back to San Francisco. And I started to blog again at the end of summer 2013 and decided to “start” all over knowing it’s been an entire year since I last blogged. I wrote about places Hot Pot Garden and Joe’s Crab Shack. But you know got in the way? Real life. AKA finding a job. (Insert big “WHY!” here).

I thankfully found a job. As my life started to finally fall into a familiar pace and decided to start blogging in April 2014. I counted from August 2013 to April and said “It’s only been 8 months, I can “continue” without starting anew!”

SO I did. I started blogging slowly here and there. But I wasn’t having it. So 3 months later and heavy research I made the switch. I decided to start “new” on WordPress. I wanted to keep my old content but didn’t like what I wrote…oh what a dilemma. So if did  at my old blog, don’t be decide to see them again here, version 2.0. But if you didn’t peek, fantastic. I promise you’ll be in for a real treat.

Moving to WordPress was a FANTASTIC decision. Everything is so much easier. I was so excited, I started an Instagram (@yeahhfoodie) for my overall “brand”. I joined Blogging 101, where even though I was quite familiar with most of the things they were teaching us, I was still learning. (P.S. Not only do I love to write, I love expanding my knowledge). I’m always researching something. (I’m currently trying to learn how to code).

But perfecting “SERENAeats.” was the next step.

To this day, I’ve probably gone through 6 different themes. I FINALLY learned how to use a static page and “sticky” post on this current theme. But to be honest, I’m not happy with the overall feel.

I like this theme, but I feel like I’m settling.

I’m also not happy with “SERENAeats.”. I choose “yeahhserenaa” as my domain because I wanted an “overall” broad name, not something food specific. But I realize also I did need that. So the title of my blog is “SERENAeats.”

But I’m not happy with “SERENAeats.” Again, I feel like I’m settling. I just needed something temporary until I find something permanent.

So don’t be surprise if things start to change around here.

My social media is also all over the place – another struggle. I started a Twitter (@yeahhserenaa) in September because I needed to learn how to use Twitter for work. So I decided this was the perfect opportunity to expand my horizons for my blog. Twitter would become part of my blog. SERENAeats was now on Instagram and Twitter.

I still can’t stop. I’m now on Bloglovin’ and Tumblr. Everything is connected one way or another, so which ever makes it easier for you to follow me, SERENAeats is now available where you are! This is exciting for me even though I’m struggling where to define my brand. (If you haven’t noticed, my “name” on my social media is quite scattered :\ – the struggle is real folks).

To this day, the struggle is still with me. What will I be known as?!

The content I create is easy – because it’s passion. Who the content is created by is a whole different story.

But I’m excited to share restaurants with you and I hope you all are ready! I have about 12 on my list right now to share with you all. Ready to mentally indulge?

I hope you guys got a glimpse into my blogging my journey.

P.S. See a typo? Ya, feel free to let me know because in 5 seconds this is going to get published.

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