Swich: Better Than CREAM

UPDATE: Here’s my second visit. Still amazing. I’m addicted! This post as more about the menu and what they offer. Swich: Better Than Cream 2.0

WHAT? Swich. The new kid on the (Irving) block in San Francisco. Okay if you’re familiar with CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me) then you know – they make some pretty bomb ice cream cookie sandwich.

Yes, you read that right. Ice Cream. Cookie. Sandwiches.

(as usual – for tips on parking, location, and wait time just scroll to the bottom)


In my opinion, CREAM is okay. I’ve had CREAM when they only had the Berkeley location, when they opened up at San Jose, and at San Mateo (my boyfriend has to get it everytime after dinner in San Mateo). Since then, they’ve also opened up in San Francisco.

I had a better picture, but sadly I couldn’t find it.


This one is from Instagram account @yeahhserenaa

Swich is located in the Sunset district. If you’re familiar with Sunset, it’s where Tuttimelon use to be.

Swich ice cream sandwiches

When you first walk in, you instantly smell fresh homemade cookies. You pick from a selection of cookies then your favorite ice cream (about 3-5 flavors). Then they smoosh your ice cream into a cube so your ice cream sandwiches comes out in a cube! And if you’re feeling extra daring add some dips and toppings.

Tip: you can get two different kinds of cookie – so go crazy and mix & match!

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Final Result:

Sorry this was screaming “EAT ME BEFORE I MELT”.

Reasons why I love Swich:

1) The cookie is thin and homemade – has a really nice “crunch” to it. You bite down and it’s not too crummy.
2) The cookie isn’t too large that I’m eating more cookie than ice cream
3) The cookie size is a great cooke to ice cream ratio.

I guess it all comes down to the cookie. The ice cream is great – but to be honest, what ice cream isn’t good (besides Wal-Mart). CREAM’s cookies are too big and crunchy for me. It’s like a hard crunch, which I like but not in my ice cream cookie sandwiches. I believe CREAMs cookie is still freshly baked, but Swich’s cookie taste homemade, almost like Mrs. Field’s but crispier, not as sweet and not as mushy. I’m not sure if you notice, but I’m trying really hard to describe the cookie here, sorry if I failed.

Parking: Parking is almost always tricky around Irving street. I say be prepared for a battle and swipe the first parking spot you see, no matter how “far” it is”.

Wait/Line: It’s a typical counter service. Like Chipotle or CREAM, you walk in wait and line, tell them what you want as they make it front of your eyes, you pay and then you enjoy.

Cash or Credit? This is the situation that gets me every time I eat on Irving. This place luckily takes both! Hooray!

Ambiance/Seating: There isn’t a whole lot of seating. It’s enough to wait in line while someone else is eating and when you’re ready to sit and they would be leaving soon. I would say about 10 tables? I wouldn’t be surprise if at times there aren’t seats. And because the line starts as soon as you walk in, I would imagine the line could possibly stretch outside the store.

Cookie: This might be where you we disagree with each other. Everyone has a different cookie preference, and Swich fits mine. They have about 5 selections from chocolate chip to red velvet.

Menu: I can’t remember exactly what they have but they have your basic ice cream flavors. Mini, vanilla, chocolate chip, and a few others. I got coffee as the ice cream special of the day. I also can’t quite remember the cookies, but I believe they had about 6 different flavors.

Coming back? Of course.

For some reason, when I heard Swich open – I got really excited. How excited?

At work someone was talking about this “new ice cream place where you pick your cookie and what ice cream you want and they turn it into a ice cream sandwich”. My ears lit up like a dog who heard their treat bags open (I was eavesdropping). I was like OMG SWICH?! I kept eavesdropping and she was like “It’s this place called cream”. I frowned and said (in my head of course) NO, You have to try SWICH!

This has only been open for a couple of weeks and I’ve already heard of a couple of complaints. But you what I saw every single time a new place opens? Of course things are going to go wrong. Of course there are things to complain about. Of course they’re going to have their ups and downs. For heaven’s sake – they JUST opened! They’re trying to work out as much of kinks and twist and turn as possible to improve. I understand if people provide constructive criticism and useful feedback – but don’t judge a place based on one experience, especially early on in their opening.

To be fair, as much as a fan I am of sweets I was just never a fan of ice cream sandwiches. They are tooooo messy and doesn’t make sense. I mean, you squish the ice cream with every bite! Or maybe that’s just me (fyi, I have a really small mouth. I can’t fit a whole Pringle chip into my mouth without breaking it). If I could, which I probably will next time, I’d eat the ice cream sandwich open-face or crack the top cookie into pieces so I won’t squish the ice cream out. It just bothers me so much!

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Swich SF
2045 Irving Street
San Francisco CA 94122

website: N/A but here’s their insta: http://instagram.com/swichsf
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/swich-san-francisco
Swich on Urbanspoon


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  1. You’re making me hungry with all your food picks! Would love to see some stories about some of the great Vegan options in SF. I’ve heard Gracias Madre is awesome! I’d love to hear about it from your perspective.


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