Live Sushi Mission: My sushi is alive.

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The one thing I hate is deciding to eat when it’s 8 o’clock. I just had to be hungry around this time. The process of deciding what/where to eat, getting there, and finding park just means by the time we get to our destination of choice – the restaurant will probably be closed. Luckily most places here in San Francisco closes at 10, but it’s still cutting it close.

But luckily there’s Live Sushi. There are multiple reasons why I love this place. First of all – it’s sushi (duh!). It’s also opened until midnight, close by my boyfriend’s place, easy parking around the time we go, and happy hour from 9:30-10:30. It’s the perfect late night and light dinner spot.

Again, this place had the awful, dark yellow “romantic” lighting = horrible photo opportunities! But I tried ladies & gentlemen.

Double Hamachi Roll below: hamachi topped with hamachi, tobiko, & scallions

live sushiThe Instagram photo: @yeahhfoodie

Rainbow Roll below: shrimp tempura and cucumber, topped with assorted fish

live sushi

Seared Tuna Belly below

live sushi

live sushi

Hendrick Roll (new)

live sushi live sushi

My boyfriend and I have been here quite few times. A few times we hit the happy hour, a few times we missed it. This was one of the times we missed the happy hour menu – hence the abundance of rolls. The sushi itself is all very good. Delicious, tasty, and fresh. The rice isn’t too sticky, fish isn’t too fish, and they don’t drown their sushi in sauce. The sear tuna belly is a server recommendation we couldn’t say no too. Delicious and great to try. And what can I say, I love hamachi. Therefore, I LOVE the double hamachi roll. The Hendrick roll was good – but didn’t leave quite an impression on me.

The size of the rolls here are also quite decent. Their right in the middle of “OMG THAT’S HUGE!” and “OMG that is so little…”. Definitely decent amounts and enough to leave you satisfied. I wasn’t too overly stuffed here but I definitely didn’t leave on an empty stomach.

Happy Hour: I definitely would come back here for the happy hour. If it wasn’t happy hour, I’d have a debate if we should come here for dinner or not. But their selection for happy hour is pretty good. Selected sushi rolls are about$1-2 off.

Parking: Depending on when you come here, parking can be hard to find. It’s meter/street parking all around, and of course free after 6. Sometime’s parking is full but we normally just circle around and tend to find a space in 5 minutes. It’s really not too bad.

Location: This is definitely out of people’s way, and more of a normal local spot. It’s basically on Mission Street near Geneva. Most people do not come out to this area unless you live out here. It’s not one of those “Where do you want to eat” and “Okay, let’s go out of our way to go there” spots. Which is why I definitely think it’s a local spot if you live around Outer Mission/Silver/Cow Palace/San Bruno Ave. But for all you other folks out there. They DO have a few other locations (I will share with you below).

Waiting time: I’ve never had to wait when I came here to eat, but that’s also because I’m here around 8-9, way past dinner time.

Because of everything they have to offer – convenient location, happy hour, easy parking, and good hours and my favorite food – I’d definitely come back when that “What can we eat right now and cheap” moment hits. This is definitely a great place to try, eat, and have a casual dinner. But with that being said, if it was 6pm and I wanted sushi, this however wouldn’t be my very first pick. It’s one of those default location on my quick eats list when I can’t think of anything else.

Also, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to try the other two locations. Without a doubt, their sushi is good for San Francisco, but they’re definitely on the pricier side. It’s also not on my list of go-to places on my head. I don’t think I’ll be able to remember these places when I’m in the Mission District (note: there are two different “Mission” district areas in San Francisco).

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The location I went too:

Live Sushi Mission
4808 Mission St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 585-5055

Live Sushi on Urbanspoon

The other two locations:

Live Sushi Bar
2001 17th St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 861-8610

Live Sushi Bistro
1 Gilbert St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 558-8778


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