Sprig: Fresh Delivered Food (+ Coupon)

If you’re not following on me Twitter, you missed my big news: I got to eat lunch for $.50. Keep reading, or skip to the end if you want, for YOUR coupon code at the end of post for $10 off your first SPRIG!

But yes – you read that right, 50 CENTS.

In the beginning of October I received an email for a free meal from Sprig. JUST in time because my mom was going out of town (yes folks, she still makes my lunch & I thank her every single day 🙂 ) and my dad doesn’t really cook.

Perfect timing right? Everyone who works with has tried Sprig. Everyone. At least once a week, some Sprig delivery man knocks on the door and delivers a meal.

You can imagine how happy I was to get an email with this code. FYI: I’m an email subscriber of http://sf.funcheap.com/. (I’ll share more details later).

In case you haven’t heard of Sprig, they are a San Francisco local delivery services who only sources the freshest food, cooks everything from scratch day-off, and have someone deliver it to you in about 20 minutes. All you do is download the Sprig app, tap a few buttons, select what you want. And bam. You’re done. Meals rotate weekly for lunch and dinner. Tip is already included in the meal.

Recently, Sprig has announced they will be adding a delivery charge. Depending on WHEN you order, the fee can vary from $1.50 – $5.00. At 12:20ish the delivery fee was about $3. Of course I waited until 12:45 for delivery fees to drop to $1.50. This made my meal $.50 cent. $9 for lunch + $1.50 delivery fee = $10.50 – $10 promo code = 50 cents. (Delivery may even be free.) Waiting is one way to get Sprig prices lower – especially with the price spike up.

Here’s a preview of the app:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And by price spike up I mean – soon they will tax their meals.

But when I ordered last Thursday, October 2nd – there was no taxes. Hop on it!

The key is to a) wait for rush hour to be over – if you can wait and b) pay taxes – can’t avoid this one. Luckily the tax hasn’t taken affect yet. And I’m not sure when it will but take advantage of it now before they do.

I got the Turkey Green Goddess. I can’t tell you what’s in it, because my stupid-a** didn’t take a snap shot, but I can tell you it was delicious. If you don’t get a salad dish, your meals still come with a salad. The sandwich definitely taste fresh and homemade.


Sprig photo courtesy of Sprig. I was too hungry to take a pictures – oops.

UPDATE (OCT. 7TH). New code, and there’s no expiration date: Use:


for $10 off your first order, for new customers only. Ready, set, SCREENSHOT! Save the code!

It’s a few easy steps really.

Just 1) Download the app on the app store (website: http://www.sprig.com/)
2) Sign Up

The rest:

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3) Click took button on top left corner > You’ll get pulled to “Settings” & look for Promo Code
4) Type in Jew4AA and the code will save. You don’t need to wait until you’re ready to order. Go ahead and add the code now so whenever you’re ready to order they’ll apply the $10 off code.

And remember. The code doesn’t cover the delivery fee – which can vary when you order. Delivery can be $1.50 to $4/5. And as of October 2, no tax was charged. I’m not sure if they have started that yet it being October 7th.

I hope you enjoy your almost-free meal! Let me know what you get in the comments below 🙂

website: http://www.sprig.com/

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