Intro to Serena 101: Part 2.

I know I know – WHERE ARE THE FOOD BLOGS?! I’ve got one coming out tomorrow, don’t you fret. Here’s a hint: conveyor belts & sushi. Never thought you’d hear those two words together would ya?!

Because of the magnificent support from all of you – I thought I’d do a weekly fashion post. How about a little bit about my style?

I’m the kind of girl that would rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes than wake up an extra 20 minutes to get ready – for work at least. But don’t get me wrong – I LOVE fashion. Because of this I definitely have a more laid back type of style and accessories are my best friend. Nordstrom, Madewell, J. Crew, Urban here and there, ASOS, Banana Republic, and many more. My style is simple.

While I droll over fashion week, and I get googley eyes at all those #OOTDs. Let’s be real, some of the stuff I can’t wear everyday. Especially with a 9-5 job – I can’t be wearing pants with holes, or high waisted shorts with thigh high socks. I save that for the weekend. And as a post-college student trying to save up still as I’m still on that college budget with the occasional “treat yo self” goodies – I’m not about to “shop until I drop”.

This is something I would wear to work. Madewell T-shirt. Michael Kors Watch, Jeans, and shoes. This outfit is simple, has a bold accessory above the waist, and a bold bring below the waist. If you like what see – shop this look here and sign up here.

Regardless what you get – a $100+ watch (Michael Kors) OR the simple $25 Madewell tshirt – IT’S FREE SHIPPING!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.59.57 PM

If you like this look, or want similar looks – just fill out a style profile and let me know what you’d like me to fill your look book with! Do you want all Madewell? All watches? All tshirts? Or going for a night out, need some work outfits? Anything your dream closet desires, is my command. Feel free to explore my look book. I just started so there is only 3 I created, but this doesn’t mean I can’t create more – for you! Here’s the look book link again – in case you’re too lazy to scroll up. And you can sign up here.

Okay, so I signed up to be a stylist. But like I said – fashion runs through my blood! I think the best thing about this is the free shipping. I’m going to be guilty – because I will be creating a look book for myself filled with jewelry, necklaces, and accessories I want or would like and just order them from my own look book. I mean – if I wanted that $18 necklace from ASOS, how can I say no to free shipping?!

For you my fellow friends. It’s free to sign up. It’s free to get a look book from me. There is no fee. There is no obligation to purchase. The only money you spend is when you practice the “I like love what I see” motto from the each look book I create for you.


ARE YOU READY? Sign up here and I’m all yours!


P.S. I get nothing from the link if you click it. The only thing I get is commission paid by the retailers if you choose to purchase.

Well my fellow community. If you have questions, or you’re skeptical – leave a comment below. Otherwise feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updates!

Once again – I appreciate all the love and support. Don’t worry. I promise tomorrow I will post a food blog. Sushi & conveyor belts remember?


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