Hi World, Here Me Eat

Hi there. I’ve joined Blogging 101 as an opportunity to learn. I’m always look for new opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge.

My name is Serena – and I love to eat. I’ve been blogging since middle school on and off, and I love writing. I’ve wanted to get back into blogging but couldn’t figure out what to blog about. I figure the best way to start is by combining my two passions and start a food blog.

I don’t want to write food reviews – I want to write and share my food experience. From start to beginning – parking & transportation, wait time, service, food experience, ambiance. Eating is an experience – it’s a time to sit with great company, talk about anything and everything, and satisfy your hunger and enjoy food (granted that people aren’t just on their iPhones tapping away ignoring the great company right in front of their noses that is).

I know – why don’t I just write it Yelp? Gain an audience there, etc, etc. I wanted my own collection of food experiences, and be able to write whatever I wanted to write, as long as I want the post to be, and have my own outlook. And let’s be honest – some Yelp reviews are just upset in-the-moment rants.

I want to be able to share my entire experience with others – and help others enjoy their food experience. From inside tips I wish I knew (like getting around the line at Mitchell’s Ice Cream) to the best way to get to a location.

I hope to expand my blog into a lifestyle blog as well. From fashion and shopping to DIYs. I love being creative and writing is my way to share and express other creative outlooks of my life.


7 responses to “Hi World, Here Me Eat

  1. …” in their iPhones tapping away ignoring the great company right in front of their noses”… 🙂 oh yes!
    Seriously – a great start (well if it can be called start considering how long have you been blogging).
    Do you plan to share your recipes?


    • Thank you tantoverde! I really haven’t been blogging long, still getting into the grooves of things! Sadly – I’m not too great at cooking but I do enjoy it as an activity! Maybe one day, but for now I think I’ll stick with sharing restaurant experiences 🙂


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