SoCal Series: MILK Shop

So what do you do have you’re done with your mini amateur photo shoot at LACMA? Head over to MILK of course! About 10 minutes away, we welcomed to a long line of hungry macaron ice cream eaters.


LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Famously known in “No Strings Attached”



milk macaron ice cream

macaron ice cream

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, we finally got inside. Confused of course. We were wondering, where is the macaron ice cream?! All you see is their big ice cream freezer. But tucked to the very left is their macaron ice cream sandwich freezer! You can also make you own, but on this very busy night I opted for a pre-made one.

They have grasshopper, red velvet, thai ice tea, and watermelon. I’m pretty sure there are other flavors, I just can’t remember them at the moment. The most recommended flavor is the Thai ice tea. I wish I got to try ALL the flavors, but the Thai ice tea did not disappoint! Very strong potent Thai ice tea flavor, can get overwhelming but you can’t get enough of it! My friend who also got the Thai ice tea doesn’t have a very strong sweet tooth but she still enjoyed this.

The other green macaron with pink ice cream, which I split with my boyfriend, is watermelon. Very interesting flavor. Definitely taste like watermelon – sweet and refreshing. The “seeds” are chocolate chip. I love watermelon, but I was just not a fan of this. It was almost tooo refreshing. It’s not like mint ice cream, where you get refreshing sweet flavor together. This is refreshing and sweet – two different taste bundled up in macaron. And sugar sweet and refreshing just doesn’t go together for me. I like my sweets sweet – chocolate, vanilla, coffee ice cream. And I like my refreshments alone – ice cold water, real strawberries, and crispy apples.  Don’t get my wrong, this is good and I REALLY wanted to like it – but I just didn’t.

The macaron ice cream here is I think $4-5. It’s pricier than what you get at Boiling Point or Road to Seoul – it’s about $3. BUT the macaron ice cream here is bigger than Boiling Point or Road to Seoul. In a sense, the price is proportional to size. You can get a small one or a big one, price is both reasonable. In terms of taste – I didn’t try the macaron ice cream at either places but I’ve heard it’s quite comparable that you might as well get it wherever you’re eating at. I just really wanted to try MILK 🙂

Parking & Line: We surprisingly got park half a block away despite the ginormous line at MILK. Parking I believe is mostly you street parking. Have you ever stood in line for Ike’s? The line is similar. We went on a Saturday night around 10ish.

Experience: Overall, I had a pretty positive experience. If there’s a wait, there’s a wait. The wait wasn’t too ridiculous. DO be prepared to wait and for a long line. Got to the front, tried a few flavors for fun, and the guy got us our order. There are seats inside but it’s first come first serve of course. We got lucky with seats. Or you can always be the ass that holds seats for 30 minutes for your group while your friends stand in line to order.

They DO have food here, you could come here and grab a nice sandwich, lunch, or milkshake. And they do have outdoor seating as well.

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7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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