SoCal Series: Sqirl LA

Going down to Los Angeles, I was quite excited to try their brunch. Planning our trip, I had a list of places I wanted to go to eat at. While the popular places like Urth, Lemonade, and others caught my eye, I just wanted somewhere good and easy to get too – underrated.

Sqirl is not at all underrated. It’s one of my favorites brunch places ever! Everything was cute and and delish. I only had one major gripe (we’ll take about that later yeah?).

The style is very similar to Mama’s at Washington Square Park. You arrive, wait in a long line, see the menu as you get closer, order at the register, then you finally get your number and find a seat. We waited about a good 30-45 minutes and we were on Yelp trying to figure out what to order.

sqirl brunch

I saw this slowly pass by one plate at a time and had to get it! It’s their “Open Face Brioche Toast, Kale, Tomatillo Puree, Lacto Fermented Hot Sauce, Fried Egg”.

I want to learn how to make this! It’s probably really easy, but the bread is what really brings the whole thing together. This wasn’t difficult to eat whatsoever. Definitely a brunch meal.

I really wanted to try this and their brioche with their homemade jam. But it was too much carbs so I got their open face toast and fellow friend got the amazing homemade jam! The jam is really good, you can taste all their flavors together and definitely did not taste like a spoon full of sugar.

Open Face Brioche Toast

Doesn’t that look GOOD?! Some other things we got was their almost latte (which according to reviews is amazing. I thought it was really good but couldn’t see all the hype in it), and their fresh squeeze tangerine juice. Not sure why, but it was one of the best juices I have ever had! Or maybe because I don’t drink tangerine often.

My boyfriend also got one of their rice dishes. I believe their menu is seasonal and I can’t find what he got on their menu. Whatever he got though was pretty good. Sorry – I know blurb doesn’t help much.


Now my only peeve was that there was A LOT of flys. Almost enough to ruin my meal. My boyfriend couldn’t finish his juice (I was SO sad!) because flies were attacking his glass like honey. We were constantly squatting away flies and protecting our food. I even put a napkin on top of latte so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

We went on a Saturday morning around 10-11 and found parking pretty easily. I’m not sure how parking usually is around there but this was our case.

I would come back here, but I know I won’t be because the next time I’m in LA I’ll probably have another list of places to eat.

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720 N Virgil Ave #4
Los Angeles CA 90029

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