What’s Shaking? Shaking Crab

Crawfish Station. Cajun House. Boiling Crab. Kicking Crab. Shaking Crab.

If you haven’t notice, the latest food craze (it’s only been 5 years – right?). I’ve tried the first four a few times, but I finally go to try Shaking Crab located at the Westlake Plaza in Daly City. Definitely one of the most comparable places to Boiling Crab – the most well known seafood house in this seafood realm.

The concept is, you sit a table covered in paper and a roll of paper towel next to you, order seafood by the pound, you get a bib, and your seafood in bag. Then you dig in with your hands. No plates (most places) or utensils required (depends on what you order). A little something like this:

shaking crab

Seafood and a bunch of limes.

Shaking Crab

The bib of course! And our garlic noodles (below)

garlic noodles shaking crab

Shaking Crab

There’s real lemons in my bag!

Shaking Crab Menu

And there’s their menu!

I got a pound of shrimp with lemon pepper, non spicy. LET ME TELL YOU! Hands down (can’t believe I am saying this) BEST LEMON PEPPER I HAVE EVER TASTED!

I love Boiling Crab, and next time I’ll be trying different flavors. But THIS! I got some sauce on fingers and I licked and I instantly lit up. I could not believe how lemon-y it tasted and how zesty it tasted! And when I went through the bag, I actually found lemon in the bag. Most places are watery with a touch of flavor but this sauce had textured and was rich in flavor. And their shrimp is meaty. Like really meaty and fat! Can you tell I am impress with this place?

Now if you have been to other places where a pound of shrimp is $9.99 year round, here is market place. Meaning we paid $13.99 for a pound of shrimp. Yes, this place is “pricey” – even pricer than Boiling Crab. But I am willing to come back! My boyfriend on the other hand got the spicy and said it was missing something – maybe more garlic. I’m still dragging him back though when Boiling Crab is too far. So yes, this place is the most comparable place in San Francisco to Boiling Crab, which if you didn’t know is located in San Jose.

The garlic noodles is something everyone raves about – at any seafood house. I didn’t find the garlic noodle to be anything special. I did enjoy it, it was good and garlicy and buttery but maybe I’m just not a fan overall and I don’t care for it? I don’t think I’ll be ordering garlic noodles again unless I was really craving it.

Their service however was slow. Took awhile to order and took awhile to get our food. We ended up getting our garlic noodles way after our main course. But that’s because she gave our noodles to the wrong table. They were however very apologetic and aware of their situation. I figured they were short staffed, and I was right as they as hiring posters outside. Service is always a sticky situation and most times I am understand of their circumstances.


Parking: Parking was easy, there’s a parking lot!

Waiting time: No wait, we went on Saturday night around 8ish.

Service: Again, slow but they were aware and attentive. And they were short staffed.

Price: Again, pricer than most places but it’s justified by their food 🙂

Would I come back? Yes!

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Shaking Crab
Westlake Shopping Center
25 Southgate Ave
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 997-4560

website: http://www.shakingcrab.com/
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/kitchen-story-san-francisco
Shaking Crab on Urbanspoon
Menu: http://www.shakingcrab.com/menu.html



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