How I Got 45% Off Ray-Ban

I know I usually talk about food. But I know in the future, I’ll be posting more outfits and shopping hauls. I do however want to share this experience. I’ll be posting more steals and deal!

I got $170 Ray-Ban for $89.99. From Nordstrom.

Ray Ban Nordstrom

This is my Nordstrom confirmation email.

Now before I start, I would like to say a few things. I respect Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom, their customer service, and a devoted shopper at Nordstrom. I very rarely buy anything from Macy’s or Bloomingdales (like once every two years). I always give my business to Nordstrom. If I need a birthday gift, I am at Nordstrom! The only exception is if a price is cheaper someone else because I have a coupon (like Piperlime).

But I am also a super saver shopper. At Nordstrom I have gotten Clark’s shoes for $100 when they were originally $120, a $250 Michael Kors watch for $187.50, and a TopShop jacket for $10 less. All by price matching. I’ve price matched with Zappos, the TopShop website, and even websites I have never ever heard of that I thought were sketchy.

I price match with Nordstrom about once a year maybe. But I keep in mind, everything else I do buy full price. Either I forget to price match items, I forget to look for coupons or I just know there is no where else that would sell cheaper priced Marc Jacob bags and Sam Edelman boots 🙂

Keep in mind there are other ways to save. I was aiming for these specific Ray-Ban:Nordstrom Ray Ban Aviator

My first plan of attack was Piperlime. Why? When you sign up for the email subscription they send you a coupon, usually for 40% off or 30% off (I probably could have used this coupon for my Marc Jacobs bag – but I totally for to “shop” around! It’s worth it people!). With 40% off in July, it would’ve came too $102. Almost a $70 saving – not bad right? The current promotion is 30%, which would come out too $119, about a $50 saving (ugh, totally regretting not using this coupon for my Marc Jacobs bag!).

BUT I accidentally let my 40% coupon expire and by the time I was ready to use my 30% coupon, they had sold out of the sunglasses. I was totally kicking myself in the ass for not hopping on them sooner!

So I was determine to price match. There are many ways you can go about shopping for a lower price. However I have a very thorough price match process. I do not want to take my chances on any “no’s” – especially when it comes to sunglasses and watches. Here’s what I did:

First I went to Ray Ban site and looked up the specs on the sunglasses. I looked into the color, the model number, everything. I found out the model number was RB3025.

Next I went to Google and searched RB3025 Ray Ban. I didn’t find anything with this so I went more specific. I probably went more specific and searched “aviator” or ‘mirror” because this model number includes every single color, as you can see from the picture above.

This next part was surprisingly easy – when you get the right keywords that is. Google also “shops” for you and the results will either be on the top, bottom, or side. For me the results were on the bottom. I just googled it again and this time the Google shop results was on the side. Google found me the price my jaw dropped at. Ray Ban Cheap

I clicked it. And of course I don’t automatically assume this is a legit website (come on! there are A LOT of fake Ray Ban sellers out there!!). I always always triple check the model number, the color, and the measurements. I even make sure the website is legitimate – social media, address, reviews. Every detail. I probably spend about 1-2 hours from the start (researching) to when I am confident the products are the same before taking it to Nordstrom to confirm. This was probably the 4th website I had visited before feeling confident. You know how accessories are – there’s always different model numbers and different variations of the same look. Or one might be male and one might be female.Ray Ban Cheap

I used live chat to ask for a price confirmation and to my surprise, they agreed.

Now I can not promise you will receive the same response.This is simply to help you, and if you want to maybe get the same steal I did. It’s really different depending on who you are chatting with, and especially with so many fake websites around I can see why my customer service specialist took awhile to validate this website. Please do not pester Nordstrom if they say no!

I however always receive a positive experience with Nordstrom. Not all searches are this easy! With the Michael Kors watch I got my boyfriend – that took a little longer and a took a different approach. If you’d like to see the process on how I researched the watch, let me know in the comments below or like this post! Also let me know if you’re interested in how I shop for travel deals too – $50 off hotel rooms, WHO has the cheapest car rental prices (rented a car in San Francisco for 4 days for $90!), and how I avoid the underage surcharge fee.

But lookout for my next blog post! It’ll be on Shaking Crab!


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