SoCal Series: Boiling Point, Boiling Temperatures

I FINALLY got the change to go to Los Angeles and really stuff my face and enjoy some beautiful weather – and relax. 6 hour car ride (we ran into an hour of construction traffic at 2 am, can you believe it?) and a few hours of sleep later, we made it to Boiling Point in Arcadia.

For those of you that don’t know what Boiling Point is, they are a very well-known Taiwanese style hot pot chain in Southern California. “Hot Pot” is, well, a hot soup and you have a buffet-like style of meat and veggies and you cook your own meat. However, Taiwanese style hot pot is a hot pot already filled with everything – veggies, meat, eggs, and more – served over a individual portable gas stove.

Like below!

boiling point hot pot

boiling point hot pot


boiling point hot pot


boiling point hot pot

Yes, it was probably about 90 degrees in Los Angeles, and yes I was sweating while eating this. But this is just so good! I got the beef hot soup and so did my boyfriend (but he got spicy). The beef hot soup is just filled with goodies – but so is all of their hot pot choices. Mine came with: Nappa, Vermicelli, Beef Sliced, Enoki Mushroom, Tomato, Firm Tofu, Tempura, Corn, Meatball, Kamaboko, Fired Tofu Skin, Imitation Crabstick. A lot of food right?

You’re also allowed to add extras if you see something you want, definitely customizable. And you get to choose your level of spicy – I got not spicy though. In MANY pictures, the hot pot looks huge. When I first saw the size of the hot pot, I was surprise at how small the pot was! I didn’t think I was going to get full but I was stuffed at the end. Now if the soup does start to get too hot, feel free to ask them to put out the fire!

Each meal is complete with either a bowl of rice, which I got, or the clear jelly noodles – AND Iced Green Tea! The server kept asking us what tea we wanted and we kept saying no we didn’t want tea because the weather was too hot to even drink tea. But he really insisted we must get either black tea or green tea. We all got green tea, and to our surprise they were iced! Seriously the perfect touch to Boiling Point. I’m glad he kept pushing us to pick a tea! We all couldn’t help but giggle at how dumb we were, but we really didn’t know the meal comes with tea.

Now I’m not really a tea person, but this green tea was so refreshing I really enjoyed this iced green tea! I definitely think the tea was sweetened as well but that’s the surprising part. The tea didn’t tea taste like a cup of sugar or artificially sweetened – just refreshing iced green tea.

And no surprise! Complimentary dessert! Sort of – a small shot cup of lemon juice, sugar, and I think pomegranate seeds (but don’t quote me on the seeds). My friend and I drank the whole thing but our boyfriends – not so much.

I’ve heard good things about their other drinks and desserts too. And their macaron ice cream sandwiches! I personally wanted to wait to try Milk (and it was worth it, but will be in another blog post so look out for it!).

We went right when they open at 11 so there was no wait and parking was a piece of cake! I definitely recommend checking this place out if you enjoy Asian food or want to try something new.

They have TONS of locations in Los Angeles, and surprisingly two in Washington and Canada! Definitely jealous.

BUT good news folks! If you want one in the Bay Area, I’ve been two in San Jose/Milpitas. I’ll write a blog post on my preferred location soon!

Check out Boiling Point’s menu here. This is the menu from the Arcadia location, not sure if all the locations are the same but the other menus are on their website as well.

Boiling Point
206 S. First Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 461-6688
Mon. – Sun.: 11AM-11PM


Do you have any favorite places to eat in Los Angeles? Let me know, I’m already creating a list of places to eat for my next visit!

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