Starbelly Brunch

What makes a rough morning better? Brunch (duh!) I decided to treat myself to some good brunch after a rough, insane morning. My friend recently went here for dinner and I took a look and of course – I was more interested in their brunch. Brunch included pizza (yes – pizza), French toast, and some scrambled eggs (not shown).

The pizza you see is below is the “house made chorizo, sunny eggs & cilantro”. I’ve been dying to know how an egg taste topped a pizza. Now I can tell you I want an egg on every pizza I eat. Game changer. Not too spicy, but very flavorful. Wasn’t too heavy on the cheese either. The pizza is a very thin crust – making this kind of pizza ideal for breakfast because it’s not too heavy on the tough or cheese.

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The French toast you see above is the “challah French toast, bananas, maple-walnut & mascarpone, rosemary breakfast links or bacon”. Very delicious with the bananas! One of the fluffier French toast I have had. Sadly, we had at it at the end of meal – probably would’ve tasted better when the toast was nice and warm. You can definitely taste the cinnamon in the French toast. It was still fluffy and sweet. Sometimes French toast can be dry and too doughy. This French toast I highly recommend.

We also had the “sunnyside Joe’s, Prather Ranch ground beef, aged cheddar, onions & spinach, potatoes” (not shown) but instead of sunnyside we had it scrambled. To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with their egg dishes even though I was looking forward to their egg dishes. But after reading the description, they all just sounded too simple. Definitely homemade style. One of the reasons why we decided to go the breakfast pizza and French toast route. The egg dish would have definitely tasted better made sunnyside though.

starbelly, french toast, breakfast pizza, san francisco, san francisco brunch, brunch

Instagram photo @yeahhserenaa

Overall, I would say this place is a 7 out of 10. 

The service was good – not great but good. They weren’t very attentive or checked in very often. Everytime we need something, we had to waive down the waitress. BUT when we did get service, they were absolutely nice.

The food overall was pretty good. Nothing was too heavy, oily, or dry. I also got positive feedback on my Instagram about dishes to try next! You can checkout a sample of their menu on their website as well.

The environment was great, very cutsey. We got to sit outside – definitely recommended on a nice day out as they have a nice cabana to shield out the sun rays. 

We also didn’t wait as we went Saturday morning at 10:30 – right when they open. When we left around 11:30-12, Starbelly wasn’t too packed either. Check their website for reservations.

Parking can be a bit tough depending on when you go since this is in the Castro where there are lots of restaurants and some shopping to do. There is residential parking however, I didn’t have trouble finding parking but most likely because I was there at 10 am.

Overall, I would come back to try something different, but probably not anytime soon. This is one of those places that wouldn’t make my top “must-go-to” brunch places but definitely can be on a Top 20 list or so. I’d come back if I wanted to eat somewhere low-key – a place not too pack, not too hyped, but still good food.
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3583 16th street
san francisco, ca 94114
(415) 252-7500

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Have you tried Starbelly? Let me know below where your favorite brunch is!

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