Spiral Japanese Cuisine.

If it’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love sushi. Almost as much as I love brunch. I can eat brunch, sushi for lunch, sushi for dinner.

I came to Spiral Japanese Cuisine at Westlake Daly City after a friend recommended it.

Here’s what my boyfriend and I got:

Double Hamachi – deep fried hamachi inside topped with seared hamachi and special sauce.
Tuna Lover – spicy tuna topped with white tuna, green onion and house sauce.
Super Spider – unagi, avocado topped with soft shell crab, tobiko, and sesame with unagi sauce.

What I wish I got to try but didn’t because of the tempura (maybe that won’t stop me next time though):

Snow White – shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, walu topped with house sauce.
Morning – shrimp tempura, crab meat topped with salmon, hamachi, tuna and tobiko with special sauce.

Spiral Japanese Sushi

Left: Tuna Lover, Right: Super Spider

Spiral Japanese Sushi

Left: Tuna Lover, Right: Super Spider

Spiral Japanese Sushi

Left: Double Hamachi, Center: Tuna Lover, Right: Super Spider

Spiral Japanese Sushi

Top: Double Hamachi, Middle: Tuna Lover, Bottom: Super Spider

A little background on my sushi journey: I did not like raw fish/sashimi when I younger, or even until recently. I don’t think it was until last year or so that I actually started to love sushi. For a time I was eating sushi once a week, and sashimi boats once a month. Yes I was obsessed. I guess I had to make up for all this lost time some how!

Over time, I was ordering a mix of sushi rolls – fried, cooked fish, baked. Slowly I didn’t like ANY of that stuff. I only wanted raw fish. My love for sashimi and sushi only strengthened with time.

That being said – you won’t see much reviews about tempura rolls or baked scallop rolls – unless it’s an old review about a place I been to way back before or my boyfriend and I just decided to get it.

When you look at the menu, yes the sushi does look pretty. When you eat the sushi, yes the sushi taste delicious. I was pretty satisfied with the freshness of the rolls. I love hamachi (yellow tail), except for some reason the Double Hamachi Roll was really strong when it came to the cooked hamachi. The Tuna Lover was good too – except side note: I can’t spicy (one hot cheeto and I’m guzzling water like I’ve been in the desert). I don’t think I ate much of the Super Spider, my boyfriend mostly wanted that one. The portions were big, I would say bigger than most – at least bigger than the one’s in San Francisco.

The one thing I wasn’t to keen about is the price. I’m not saying it’s expensive, because for the price you do get a lot of food. But in my opinion, this place is a little on the pricier side (extra $1-3/per dish) but like I said, you also get a lot for your food, so that balances out. I just don’t see why the prices need to be high, this sushi restaurant isn’t fine dining or anything – just a super casual dinner restaurant.

BUT I’m just saying I’ve been to a sushi restaurant that serves the same amount of food (maybe more) but with cheaper prices – and it’s still my favorite sushi place. And honestly, if I didn’t have already a favorite sushi restaurant – this would probably be it. I’ll write a blog post about that place soon! (And yes, I did compare the prices just for this post!)

I’m not too sure if I’d come back here. I probably will one day, but not anytime soon. I think I’d really have to be craving sushi (but when am I not?!) and be in Daly City to want to come here.

Would I recommend this place? Yeah why not. I’d say it’s a great place to try and see if this is your sushi spot, has a lot of potential and fresh food. It doesn’t hurt to try new places, regardless of the price. I mean, I am blogging about my food experiences! (The price just isn’t working for me that’s all.) The service here is friendly, tv’s to watch sport, convenient parking lot, and lots of seating.

You can check out the full menu here.

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Spiral Japanese Cuisine
515 Westlake Shopping Center
Daly City, CA
(650) 758-2083

Located inside the Westlake Shopping Center, right near Panda Express on that walkway strip.

website: http://spiralsushiandgrill.com/
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/spiral-japanese-cuisine-daly-city
Spiral Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon



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