Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Nothing screams ice cream like a sunny day in San Francisco, seriously. If you live somewhere in the Marina or the Mission or even Downtown, I know what you’re thinking – “But it’s (almost) always sunny here in San Francisco”. I know because I live in one of the consistently sunny neighborhoods of San Francisco as well. But if you grew up here like I did and you’re use to going from one of end of the City (Pier 39 – you Gal kids) to the other end of the City (loitering around Stonestown), you also know it can go from Sunny to Foggy in 20 minutes (or 90 minutes by bus!).

So what better way to celebrate then Mitchell’s! We continued our Sunday Funday after Kitchen Story with some dessert.

This was my first time here, and if you plan on coming here, keep reading for the inside scoop (see what I did there?!) on acing your first time here. Trust me, it’s really easy and I wish I KNEW about this before hand!

So on to the rest – which will be mostly pictures until the end!

Mitchell's Ice Cream


Mitchell's Ice Cream

The Mitchell’s entrance.


Mitchell's Ice Cream Menu

The Mithchell’s menu (how’s my narrating going?)


Mitchell's Ice Cream


My strawberry ice cream 🙂

Mitchell's Ice Cream


Mitchell's Ice Cream Tubs
The shop is quite cute. Definitely has that old school ice cream shop feel to it. You walk in and see a shop, not just ice cream freezers. You can also pick up a half gallon of their ice cream and pay right away without waiting in line.

Now about that line. I would say we waited about 10-20 minutes. Now here’s the tip: Now here’s the tip: when you get there and walk through those doors, look to the left & grab a number! (Or else you’ll never get your ice cream!) You know, like the ticket numbers you get from the DMV office (ice cream and DMV? sorry for the bad comparison haha). Then you just wait inside or outside and they’ll call your number when you’re next. I definitely wish I knew this instead of standing around outside wondering where I was suppose to go.

I got the classic Strawberry flavor. If you’ve had Bi-Rite, Swenson’s, Polly Ann’s, or even Smitten’s, I would say this comes close to Swenson’s. It’s not like Ghiradelli where you feel like you’re eating a scoop of sugar. Mitchell’s is certainly creamy and you really do get the flavors of the ice cream. I tried coffee and thin mint and oh boy – two of my favorite flavors but at that moment the flavors were just too strong.

Strawberry was right amount of sweet and creamy for me. My boyfriend got cantaloupe and said the flavor was very strong. Creamy and fluffy; Mitchell’s ice cream definitely has a home made taste and I can see why it’s one of the best ice cream shops to go in San Francisco. I almost feel like I can make this ice cream at home with home made healthy ingredients.

By the way – the scoop I got was a Junior scoop. For me, it was just the right amount to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s a single scoop and I would say it’s bigger than the normal kid’s scoop. My boyfriend got a single scoop and I (think) he said it was a bit too much.

Parking: They have a parking lot in the back. We didn’t park there because (again, luckily on our Sunday Funday) we found residential parking pretty fast. With that being said, there is residential parking if you the parking lot is full. No meters (yay!)

Public Transportation: You can take the J (Church) and it’ll stop somewhere close I believe.

Wait: Again, don’t forget that ticket! Wait isn’t too bad but it’s long to get ice cream (similar to Bi-Rite), and every single time I’ve driven by – there is always a crowd. The line is a bit faster than Bi-Rite however, probably because they have plenty of servers. But do be ready to wait.

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688 San Jose Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 648-2300

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