Sunday Funday: Kitchen Story

Sometimes (or all the time), I crave a nice, big brunch. And boy does my boyfriend and I go all out when it comes to brunch. We went to Kitchen Story at Castro this past Sunday and luckily we got there at 2 and only waited about 10-15 minutes to get seated (and they close at 3pm, but reopen at 5pm for dinner).

So we started off with a mimosa for both of us … (bottoms up anyone?)

kitchen story mimosa

Let’s just say, I like my drinks more on the sweet cocktail side and I did not enjoy this mimosa much. I’ve had better, but talking about this sends shivers down my spine. (But if you like your drinks to taste strong – go for it!)

This is my second time at Kitchen Story. The first time we ordered too much food so this time around we were smarter about ordering just the right amount of food for us to enjoy. We got an order of their eggs and an order of their French Toast.

kitchen story sunday brunch


kitchen story Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French Toast

Now this is their very well-known “Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried French Toast“. Make sure you eat it right away! While the toast is still fluffy and warm and the delicious creamy sweet glaze (not the syrup) is still gooey enough. You don’t really need the syrup when you’ve got the sweet glaze, but hey – I still used both! Definitely one of the moistest French Toast I’ve ever had. BUT I have to be honest, their delicious cinnamon muffin (seasonal) that comes with some of their dishes is almost better than their French Toast – I wanted to take ten to go.

Kitchen Story Brunch


Kitchen Story Franciscan Scramble


This is their Franciscan Scramble with chicken mango, avocado, pimento, mushroom, celery, jack. I mentioned earlier some of their dishes come with a cinnamon muffin. Sadly I really think those are seasonal as their current menu list a cheddar biscuit as the side. Not bad, but I definitely prefer the cinnamon muffin. (I would like to point out their weekday menu comes with different sides – a Ciabatta toast – compared to their weekend brunch).

My boyfriend likes omelets, and I like scrambled eggs. Which is why even though the name is scramble, you see an omelet instead. If I didn’t mention already, my boyfriend and I were splitting the toast and the omelet. Um. Let’s just say the egg was so good,  I didn’t want to split it – so I invited myself to his part of the omelet. (Trust me, he’s not reading this – I hope!) The omelet wasn’t overcooked and there wasn’t an overload of cheese like other omelets. Very rich in seasoning and everything – chicken and mushroom- was cooked just right and the omelet was fluffy, not flimsy and not dry. Impressive. (Okay not really, but you know some other places don’t cook good omelets!)

Oh. And the potatoes. One of the best rainbow potatoes I’ve ever had! I normally tend not to finish every single piece of potato unless they’re amazing. And my friends, these were amazing! Although I don’t recall it being all that amazing the last time we were here..

Recommendations: Their French Toast is a must try mentioned everywhere (yelp, instagram, and me!) and so is their millionaire’s bacon which you have to try at least once (I’ve had it three times and just decided to skip it this time).

Service: I think the service is your typical service. Friendly but not too friendly and chattery and definitely not rude.

Wait time: Again, we came around 2 on a Sunday and waited 10-15 minutes. A lot of people were still pouring in even though they close at 3. Last time we came on a Saturday (I think) around 12 and that wait was definitely an hour or more. I do know they take reservations but they don’t take reservations on the weekends for brunch. Weekdays I’ve heard there is no wait.  As for dinner, I’m not quite sure yet but I definitely plan on trying dinner here. I would definitely call to find out if they take reservations for dinner on weekends.

Parking: Surprisingly, we found parking in front of Kitchen Story right away. (Wow, just realizing what an easy day this was!) Last time however, parking took about 15-20 minutes to find. There is residential and meter parking – but I would say be prepared to look for parking. And if you didn’t know – this place is RIGHT next to Ike’s Place so their customers are also probably circling around as well.

Menu: Decent amount of selection – definitely something to satisfy whatever you are craving. They also have burgers, paninis, and salads if you’re feeling more of a lunch meal. Their menu is listed on their website as well (website listed below).

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Kitchen Story
3499 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 525-4905

Kitchen Story on Urbanspoon

They are also the same owner of Sweet Maple and Blackwood.



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